BookTrib’s Bites: Four Fascinating Reads


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The Challenge of ChoiceThe Challenge of Choice by Richard Fast

Have you ever made an important decision with total confidence, only to see it become a complete disaster? Why do we frequently make crucial decisions based on false confidence and wishful thinking? Because the human brain makes many time-saving assumptions to navigate our modern world, resulting in faulty insights and delusional beliefs without the slightest awareness from our conscious self.

This book will challenge the way you think about making critical decisions by taking you on a fascinating journey into the inner workings of the human mind. Through quizzes, exercises, and real-world examples, you will discover how your decisions are really made and why you can be most vulnerable to decisional error when your confidence is at its highest. You’ll see how you can easily detect and overcome the common cognitive illusions that lead to poor choices and bad judgment. Purchase at

Third CollectionThird Collection of Short Stories by Stanislas M. Yassukovich

Stanislas Yassukovich returns with another riveting collection of short stories, a worthy successor to his acclaimed Short Stories and A Cape Town Decameron. Each tale, woven from his vast experiences, spans an array of subjects, characters, and locales. Drawing inspiration from his illustrious career as an international investment banker, Yassukovich gives readers a privileged peek into the intersections of finance, adventure, and the human spirit.

Every story offers a unique flavor, capturing varied moods and moments. Collectively, they paint a vivid tableau of a world both bygone and current, all anchored by enduring values. His insights, observations and keen writing style provide the roadmap for journey through a life richly lived and brilliantly recounted. Purchase at

Historical PerspectiveHistorical Perspective and International Relations by Yoav J. Tenembaum

Composed of short articles, this book highlights some of the most momentous events in modern and contemporary history having an ongoing effect on the way international relations have evolved. Cardinal events in the history of international relations are assessed with historical perspective. A section is devoted to the role of history in the shaping of foreign policy. Some articles dwell on the more theoretical aspects of international relations and diplomacy, and others on the intersection of international law and diplomacy.

The book concludes with articles on imagination and the study of history, on the use of counterfactual history, and on historical truth and historical narrative and their relevance in current international relations. The book is aimed at a wide readership, interested in history and international relations. Purchase at

ChicanoChicano Frankenstein by Daniel A. Olivas

The latest novel from critically acclaimed author (and attorney) Daniel A. Olivas is a thought-provoking retelling of Mary Shelley’s classic. Olivas’s protagonist, known only as the man, has been brought back to life to work as a paralegal in a futuristic world plagued by labor shortages. He doesn’t remember his past. The man’s search for identity intensifies as he falls for Faustina, a partner at a Pasadena law firm.

Critics are lauding Chicano Frankenstein as “an intriguing read” (Library Journal), “fascinating” (Publishers Weekly), “beguiling” (Foreword Reviews), and a 2024 must-read book (Hip Latina). Author Orlando Ortega-Medina said: “This important novel is at once frightening and humorous, and I found myself laughing out loud more than once as Olivas cleverly delivered his cautionary message, served with a basket of fresh baked pan dulce.” Actor Thom Rivera narrates the audiobook. Purchase at