Historic 2nd Impeachment for President Donald Trump - As Nation Holds Breath with Armed Insurrection by Domestic Terrorists Planning Attack

Diane Lilli

With armed riots looming over the nation, Congress for the first time in US history has impeached a sitting president, President Donald Trump, twice.

After last week’s deadly attack by angry mobsters who marched directly from a Trump rally where the president again lied about having the election stolen from him, all hell broke loose on Capitol Hill.

Now, disgraced before the world and with an impeachment trial looming, Trump has been backed into a corner.

The possibility of a conviction weighs heavily upon Trump, but if convicted he will never be allowed to hold office again. If he is impeached the burden is upon him as the first president to lose his security team, pension and more.

As the world watches, Americans are waiting to see if the FBI warning to all 50 states that planned armed attacks will take place before and on Inauguration Day, January 20, when President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are sworn in. 

Millions of Trump fans are extremely angry at the impeachment, which they see as political. More Trump fans who have now morphed into what can only be called a cult have become violent extremists who  want to overthrow the government.

Through it all, the tragedy of civil war hangs heavily over American families, as parents, children, and friends disagree violently and splinter like so much ash.

It’s a solemn moment in US history.  A president lied to his nation and created a deep rift of mistrust spreading like the pandemic itself among many millions. 

There is a dark storm headed our way, with over 4,000 dead daily from a virus we can’t stop and the world calling our democracy “a mess” and a “failure”.

Our racial problems are obscene. They're not getting better. The rioters were white, mostly male, and carried racist Confederate flags, wore Hitler symbols and other racist words and markings.

Though five people died last week at the Capital seditious attack many see it as ‘politics’. With Trump urging those rioters on, then never saying a SINGLE WORD DURING THE VIOLENCE, some people will say the impeachment is "politics".

I disagree. The president has an obligation according to the oath he swore to that he will protect our nation and our democracy. When the rioters violently attacked the US Capitol as congress was in session certifying the legal certification of votes for President-elect Joe Biden, they raged war upon our elected leaders.

Murder is about power. Sedition is also about power disguised as killing our democracy and removing our freedoms.

Evil is evil. It’s that simple.

 I don’t believe all the Trump conspiracists are evil. Instead, I believe they are victims of a perfect storm of becoming part of a cult, drinking the conspiracy kool-aid, and shutting out all reality.

Why else would they say there is no deadly pandemic? Why else would any human being say they won’t wear a mask in order to save others’ lives or stay indoors to let the virus die away from the population?

Sadly we have many racists in our midst who are angered by losing their power in the US. We have enemies in our midst and as a nation, we don't know to cure them.

When the smoke clears, we will have millions of fellow Americans who need therapy and even deprogramming. 

When the Coronavirus clears, we will have millions in mourning and another million angry that their loved ones died because of conspiracy theories, where people were so selfish they would not wear masks or social distance.

I want to let my own anger go, but as I wept to see the horrible white men marching with the Confederate Flag, with Hitler symbols and bats ready to bear down upon our precious democracy, inside the US Capitol, I felt anger too.

I was ashamed of my fellow Americans, as are you.

I hope and pray this shame can lead to healing for all those who have forgotten to remain kind, human, and stand up for equal rights for all human beings.

Time will tell.