5 Easy, Space-Saving Room Ideas


(BPT) - Looking to update a room that is short on space during this home improvement season? Converting traditional swinging doors into pocket doors is a simple, practical way to increase the amount of usable floor space. Pocket doors slide along a jump-proof track and disappear into the wall cavity, optimizing space in a way swinging doors cannot.

When installed with the correct pocket door hardware, today’s modern pocket doors are customizable for varying doorway sizes, making any room in the home more fun and functional. These room ideas are proven winners that are sure to enhance your home.

1. Accessible Home Office

A 4 ft. extra wide textured white oak pocket door with a raised handle, installed with an ADA-compliant pocket door frame kit, adds privacy and facilitates easier mobility through doorways.

As the share of remote workers in the U.S. workforce continues to rise, so does the need for accessible home office designs. Pocket door frame kits equipped with ADA-compliant features bring an effective solution to this growing need, particularly with the rise of work-from-home opportunities for individuals with disabilities. To address this demand, Johnson’s 1500SC Series pocket door frame was designed to improve accessibility and functionality in home office setups. The built-in soft-close hardware ensures smooth, fingertip operation and prevents door slamming, important features for those using mobility devices.

2. Semi-Private Dining Area

With a shortage of senior care facilities and their rising costs, aging in place is now a crucially essential option. The 1560SC Series Soft-Closing Pocket Door Frame Kit seamlessly integrates mobility considerations into home design. Supporting doors up to 4 feet wide and 8 feet high, nearly any type of solid-core door weighing up to 165 lbs. can be installed with the frame.

To put your own spin on the pocket door design, choose a decorative raised handle. Only 5 lbs. of force is needed to effortlessly open or close a door installed with the hardware, ideal for individuals with mobility challenges.

3. Walk-in Kitchen Pantry

Perfect for frequently used pantry doors, the 2000SC Heavy-Duty Pocket Door Frame Kit’s versatile design can handle nearly any extra-heavy door style weighing up to 330 lbs., up to 5 feet wide and 9 feet high. A jump-proof design means the door cannot fall off the track, and a quick-release locking tab allows for door removal without tearing apart the wall. Heavy gauge all-steel split studs provide wall rigidity and galvanized steel plating resists corrosion, giving peace of mind that your door installation will last.

4. Ensuite Bathroom

Need more space in your bathroom? Pocket doors cover your doorway when they’re closed but disappear inside your wall cavity when they’re open. This 2060SC hardware holds large custom doors like this attractive walnut veneer slab, and includes a soft-close feature that is essential in a bedroom. When replacing traditional swing doors, pocket doors save as much as 14 square feet of floor space that is needed for the swinging motion.

Other ingenious features of this pocket door hardware contribute to installation ease and trouble-free use. For instance, self-adjusting floor brackets compensate for floor settling, ensuring pocket doors remain level over time.

5. Multi-Purpose Room

With their open and airy aesthetic, two converging pocket doors with glass lites in a wide entry allow sunlight to pass while giving privacy and reducing surrounding noise. Multi-purpose rooms benefit from the extra usable floor space gained by using pocket doors. Imagine more room for furniture, shelving and wall décor.

Johnson’s durable pocket door hardware exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standard for door width. The ADA requires a minimum clear width of 32” from door face to opposite stop, but Johnson’s hardware accommodates up to 60” for greater accessibility.

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